About us

Public limited company Central European Capital Group is the young and progressive investment company employed in the field of real estate projects, healthcare and property management. Each investment is chosen after a thorough quantitative analysis which guarantee the lowest risk and a significant economic potential both for CECG a.s. and particularly for our clients.
The company was founded in 2015 for the purpose of integration of all investment activities from last 3 years. The second incentive was the possibility of a bond emission, through which private investors can enter into our projects with their capital.

Our team

Michal Potůček


JUDr. Hana Potůčková


Radovan Masár

Development manager

Jan Ján

Business Analyst

Real Estate

In the field of real estate, MRJ Estate s.r.o. is a member of CECG a.s. and has a rich history in these kind of projects both in the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Our team has significant experience with real estate investments that creates a considerable part of our portfolio. In addition, these allow us to diversify the risks from the economic and time point of view.
MRJ Estate has been focused on a construction of the family houses in attractive locations of bigger cities in the Czech and the Slovak Republic. In the future the development of blocks of flats or smaller residential quarters is planned.


Health care

The company CECG a.s. is significantly engaged in the field of health care investments. Currently we are cooperating with the companies Mediware a.s., Mediinspect s.r.o. and HealthInspect s.r.o., which are mainly focused on personalized medicine, telemedicine and pharmacotherapy. Our goal is to support innovative projects with considerable technological and medical potential. The capital provided by CECG helps people to reach the most progressive health care all over the world.


Property management

The company CECG a.s. currently owns number of other firms with a good profitability and a high economic potential. Similar projects are able to guarantee us a stable cash-flow which can provide us the filling of gaps between certain investments. Into the management we place only qualified and experienced directors because of their reliability and high quality working performance.



CECG a.s.
Evropská 655/116, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic


Company is registered in the commercial register of the Regional Court of Prague, section B, 21102.
ID: 04554477.